Solutions for point of interaction (POI) devices

Our software: GPa

GPa (Generic POI Application) was created by ZMS Group as a response to different challenges faced by the payment industry. Those challenges included the increase of cashless payments, the development of biometrically authenticated payment instruments, the integration of the merchant’s payment devices with its business system, the development of new payment functionalities, and many more. It required an innovative (and affordable) solution to transform the existing POI infrastructure in order to cope with the changing environment.

GPa is a device agnostic tool that monitors the state handling, the presentation elements and the interaction between the POI device framework and the driving system. Using the GPa tool has many advantages for different stakeholders, such as the terminal vendor, the merchant acquirer and the merchant:

  • Terminal vendor: The terminal vendor or supplier will be able to supply its POI hardware to new markets, since the GPa provides the support for multiple languages and character sets. Furthermore, thanks to the GPa software attracting new clients will be easier, because the software makes sure the terminals work with every established protocol.
  • Merchant acquirer: For the merchant acquirer, the main advantage is that all the terminal parameters can be managed on the GPa driving system. It will be fully configurable for multiple interaction points. This also means lowering the cost for updating and upgrading the POI hardware.
  • Merchant: Even the merchant benefits from the flexibility the GPa tool offers. Accepting new cards or new functionalities is fixed in no-time. The GPa can even support the implementation of non-conventional payment elements (e.g. Mifare chip cards).