Core payment solutions

Our software: PowerZaC

ZMS Group developed its PowerZac software over the years and it became a well-known product, offering various functionalities to different business needs. This includes:

  • Protocol converters: PowerZac provides support for format conversions (message content mapping and conversions) as well as business logic conversions. Therefore, PowerZac allows conversions between systems with different sets of business rules implied by using different protocols or due to differences in business approach.
  • Payment gateways: PowerZac can also be used to establish highly customizable payment service, with support for flexible routing rules that can meet just any business scheme.
  • Transaction switch: PowerZac is a robust and high performance system and features all the required support to connect your business with American Express, Visa, MasterCard or any other proprietary network.
  • Authorization system: PowerZac can be used to authorize all or some of the own issued cards. The authorization module can support EMV and PIN operations, thus providing balance sheet authorization capabilities for all types of cards (charge, credit, differ and direct debit products, magnetic strip and EMV cards) and transactions (POS, ATM, card not present,...)

Once running the PowerZac system an upgrade for e-commerce transactions is easy to install. Our e-commerce solution, includes all the required elements of an Internet shopping scheme. This includes an Internet Payment Gateway (iPayGate), a web front-end interface (iCheckOut), security elements and support for advanced authentication systems like Visa 3D-Secure and MasterCard SecureCode.