Back-office solutions


ZMS’s ChargeBack system is designed and conceived in a way to integrate all required elements for dispute resolution processing into a single application interface. The ZMS ChargeBack system is integrated with the existing back office systems introducing specific business logic and graphical user interface, enriching it with new functionalities such as: dispute resolution processing, manual presentments, payment corrections, fee collections.

There are many benefits of integrating a well-designed ChargeBack system into your business operations:

  • The ChargeBack interface can be used to investigate a disputed case by checking your authorization and transaction logs. With a one-click action you can immediately open a disputed case, using all the required information from the back-office system.
  • Thanks to the automated form filling functionality, the set-up of a disputed case or the creation of a new action, is done very quickly. All the necessary data is retrieved from the system, which minimizes manual data entry and avoids possible errors.
  • The ZMS ChargeBack system generates the required documentation and information as mandated by the card brands and their dispute resolution rules.
  • Furthermore, the ChargeBack system takes care of the time limit constraints imposed by the card brands and warns the users in an appropriate way. This reduces the risk of financial loss caused by breaking the time limit rules.