SixPay Luxemburg (Luxemburg)

Cetrel is the national transaction processing switch in Luxemburg, which came into merger with SIXPAY, the national transaction processing centre in Switzerland. Due to this merger a number of technical issues have to be solved, mainly on the protocol conversion side.

Cetrel has chosen for PowerZaC in order to support their migration path. The C-TAP protocol, which is widely used at Cetrel has to be converted into the specific EP2 protocol used by SIXPAY. This is one of the tasks of PowerZaC, which also will contribute into the conversion of several H2H protocols between SIXPAY and Cetrel. Clearing and settlement are part of this project. The system has passed the PCI-DSS certification.

In a next phase, the system was extended with the acceptance of the Carrefour private label cards.

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